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What is the future of work?

In a Rustat Conference, key figures in business, government and academia came together to discuss the major changes happening in technology and work patterns.

In the final Rustat Conference of 2016, key figures in business, government and academia came together to discuss the major changes happening in technology and work patterns.

Key insights from the November conference were released today in a report, produced in collaboration with Rustat members Harvey Nash. The report explores:

  • What history can teach us about the future of work
  • The future of work in the gig economy
  • The second machine age and whether robots are a threat to work and wellbeing
  • The integration of human and digital labour in the organisation of the future, and whether we are in control of technology or it is controlling us
  • The Government’s perspective on the future of work and achieving a work-life balance.

We raise important questions for leaders emerging from the Conference discussion around:

  • The destabilising effect of new technology on the workplace
  • What people will do with more time but less work
  • The role of fiscal policy in shaping human versus digital workforces
  • How to prepare for living and working longer
  • Protecting the labour market from political propaganda and short-term thinking.

Download the full Future of Work Report here.

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Jonathan Cornwell, Rustat Conferences Director, commented: “The Rustat Conferences at the Intellectual Forum, Jesus College, Cambridge, provide an ideal setting for the discussion of the future of work. The convening authority of the Rustat Conferences and the access they afford to world-class research and thinking across Cambridge, allow for a truly interdisciplinary debate of this vital issue between experts from business, government and academia. We’re proud to work with Rustat members Harvey Nash on this report and other vital issues facing leaders today.”

Albert Ellis, CEO Harvey Nash Group, commented: “There is no doubt real change is coming to the world of work, but the ‘revolution’ consists of many parts, and not all are moving at the same pace or even in the same direction. We are delighted to support the Rustat Conference as it shines a light on these changes, and sets out important questions for government and business.”

Notes to editors

Rustat Conferences are held three times a year at the Jesus College, Cambridge Intellectual Forum. Focusing on a different topic each time, they offer an opportunity for decision-makers from the frontlines of politics, business, finance, the media and education to discuss vital issues with academic experts.

Watch a video of Rustat here.

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